Perfect visibility even in bad weather

Visibility is safety

Having efficient wipers is essential to travel safely giving you good visibility of the road.
This is why the wipers must always be in perfect conditions so as to ensure optimal visibility in all weather conditions like rain and snow.
The wiper blades must ensure at all wiping speeds, uniform wiping and cleaning all year round.
This you can rely on with the wiper blades distributed by MOPAR® for Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Fiat Professional, Jeep® and Abarth vehicles, because they are designed to measure and adapt perfectly to the shape and inclination of the windscreen of all FCA vehicles.


  • Nearly 20% of all road accidents are caused by poor visibility. Efficient wipers and lights, together with adequate ventilation of the passenger compartment, help to improve visibility.
  • The best wiper blades preserve their cleaning properties for up to six months, during which they sweep some 125,000 times. This means cleaning a surface equal to thirteen soccer fields.
  • The rubber of the blade starts deteriorating after the first months.

Useful tips

  • Cleaning the rubber part is quick and easy: just wipe the two sides of the rubber profile with a cloth dipped in degreasing detergent moving in the direction of its length. Periodically removing dust and other solid debris helps maintain wiping efficient for longer.
  • To prevent premature damage to the rubber, do not use the wiper to de-ice the windscreen.
  • Using a specific windscreen detergent liquid is always better than water: it helps the blades to run smoothly, provides better surface cleaning and speeds up the elimination of water from the windscreen.

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