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General Information

It is your responsibility to properly maintain and operate your new vehicle. You must follow the maintenance schedule provided in this manual. Regular, scheduled maintenance is essential to trouble-free operation. If there is a dispute between you and an authorized dealer concerning your maintenance of your vehicle, FCA International Operations LLC will require you to provide proof that your vehicle was properly maintained.

For your convenience, FCA International Operations LLC has prepared a Maintenance Log for you. You should use this Maintenance log to keep track of scheduled maintenance, either by routinely having the repairs entered in your Maintenance log, or by keeping receipts or other documentation of work you have had done on your vehicle in your Maintenance log.


Where To Go For Maintenance

FCA International Operations LLC recommends that you return to the dealer from whom you bought your vehicle for all maintenance service both during and after the warranty periods. Returning to your selling dealer will help ensure that all your service needs are met and that you’re completely satisfied. Authorized repairer’s technicians are specifically trained to proficiently perform maintenance and repair procedures on your FCA International Operations LLC vehicle.

Authorized repairers will help ensure that all your service needs are met and that you are completely satisfied. FCA International Operations LLC strongly recommends you use genuine FCA International Operations LLC / MOPAR® parts to maintain your vehicle.

Mandatory 5000 km service interval for SRT, Hellcat and Wrangler (if used in desert driving or modified vehicles). Service to be recorded in the Additional section at the end of the booklet.

Inspection and service should also be performed anytime a malfunction is observed or suspected. Retain all receipts.