Protection for your vehicle and
for its occupants


Your vehicle filters are essential to withhold impurities and protections the vehicle occupants, the vehicle itself and the surrounding environment.
  • Passenger compartment filter: this component is responsible for the air quality you breathe inside the vehicle. It cleans the air entering into the vehicle through the heating and climate control system vents. The passenger compartment filter offers protection from pollen, fine particulate matter and other polluting elements.
  • Diesel filter: this is used to retain solid and liquid impurities in the fuel in order to improve quality and guarantee optimal engine performance at the same time. Water in diesel fuel is dangerous for the injection system because it can cause expensive damage to the pump and the injectors.
  • Air cleaner: this component protects the engine from the dust present in the air to keep the combustion process clean. The advantages offered by an air cleaner in good conditions are: top engine output, better fuel efficiency, low emissions and optimal performance.
  • Oil filter: it continuously purifies the engine oil withholding impurities caused by the wear of moving engine parts, such as dust and combustion residues.
  • Particulate filter: this is an integral part of the diesel exhaust system. It is designed to retain fine particulate matter and to abate polluting emissions. It consists of a closed structure which entraps the particulate matter and burns it to prevent it from being dispersed into the atmosphere.


  • In addition to removing solid particles, passenger compartment filters combined with activated carbon can filter odours and gas, minimise health risks and improve the feeling of well-being in the car.
  • A good quality air cleaner must guarantee over 99% efficiency, meaning its capability of withholding contaminating particles.
  • The oil filter must be replaced at each oil change.
  • An efficient particulate filters eliminates 95% of the produced particulate matter into the atmosphere.

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